Top 5 Signs to Seek Marriage Counselling


Marriage Therapy Top 5 Signs to Seek Marriage Counselling Marriage Counselling is essential to any successful, long-term relationship. It has many benefits, including better communication between partners, an improved understanding of the other partner’s habits, and identifying strengths and weaknesses within the relationship. Here’s a compilation of pieces of information I’ve gathered on couples counselling: […]

5 major reasons couple seek a therapist

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Marriage Therapy 5 Major reasons couple seek a therapist There’s no denying that seeking couples counselling (a couple seek a therapist for this) is a somewhat intimate process. Relationships are among some of the most personal parts of our lives.  And while some might consider it impossible to be on the same page on everything […]

Compromising In A Relationship


Marriage Therapy Compromising In A Relationship COMPROMISE Ask anyone what makes a successful relationship, and the necessity of compromise is bound to come up. Most people – including psychologists, marriage counsellors and relationship experts – believe that willingness to compromise is essential for a happy relationship. Here is an example: John wanted to spend his […]

20 Questions For Couples

Questions For Couples

Marriage Therapy 20 Questions for couples 20 Questions For Couple We all think that we know our partners really well, but how well is that exactly? You may know how your partner feels about children or that they had a crush on their English teacher in school, but it’s amazing how much information we do […]

Goals Of Marriage

Goals Of Marriage

Marriage Therapy Goals of marriage GOALS OF MARRIAGE Why do people get married? Between 2008 and 2009 over two thousand Irish couples were surveyed and asked to name five reasons why they were planning to marry. Most could come up with only a few answers. The majority responded that they wanted to show commitment; that […]

How accepting are you?

How accepting are you

Marriage Therapy How accepting are you? Here’s a scenario: you are out with your partner, your partner’s brother and his wife. We’ll call them William and Lucy. Your partner is very fond of brother William, and William is very much in love with his wife Lucy. Unfortunately you find Lucy hard to take. At dinner […]