Marriage Therapy

5 Major reasons couple seek a therapist

There’s no denying that seeking couples counselling (a couple seek a therapist for this) is a somewhat intimate process. Relationships are among some of the most personal parts of our lives. 

And while some might consider it impossible to be on the same page on everything with their partner. There are certain moments in every relationship when even the smallest issues can feel like life-changing experiences. 

Couples counselling is the best way to perfect your relationship and keep it healthy. People try to solve their problems by themselves without realizing that the issues and conflicts they face need professional help and attention. 

Let’s see here whether we can’t get inside the minds of a few couples and figure out why they got into therapy:

Reason 1: Why Couple Seek a Therapist? Addictions Such as Drug and Porn

Being with a partner who is addicted to any kind of substance or porn is a very difficult situation for anyone. It is not only the addiction that can be troubling, but it can also be dealing with withdrawal symptoms and going through the rehabilitation process with the person. 

If you request advice from a large number of people on how best to deal with a partner’s addiction, there will be a lot of different answers, but most will advise that a couple’s therapist should be used.

Because couple therapist knows how to deal such problem and how to give therapies to get rid of those addictions

Reason 2: Lack of Trust

In a relationship, if you mistrust your partner, or they feel you don’t trust them, it could put a strain on the relationship. 

Trust is an important issue in any relationship. But it’s something to particularly think about in your relationship if you are always arguing with your partner or having the same sort of recurring issues that don’t get resolved.

There are many life situations when the relationship between two people is in crisis. The very existence of this type of relationship is in danger. It can be said that in this situation, there is no mutual understanding. 

Overcoming a lack of trust by couple therapy will help an individual to change his/her beliefs about relationships, look at them differently and reevaluate their purposes.

Reason 3: Trauma 

When you have experienced abuse, infidelity, trauma, or neglect, you are left with unwanted feelings of shame, anger, resentment, and fear. You want to feel better, but what do you do? 

Go to a therapist and promptly get the help you deserve. But if this isn’t convenient for you, where can you go? Consider couple therapy.

Couple therapy can be an effective way to heal trauma caused by infidelity. It’s important to find the right therapist that will help your relationship. Working with that person can conjure up strong emotions. This guide will show you what you should know before choosing a therapist. Additionally, we will show key issues to consider during therapy, and tips for getting therapy to work for you.

Reason 4: Depression and Anxiety

In today’s society, marriage and relationships are everywhere. With the rise of online dating and social media, more and more people are seeking out a relationship. However, not everyone has a happy ending.

Depression and anxiety in couples and couple therapy are unfortunately common. Statistics show that one in five women and one in six men will suffer from a depressive disorder at some point in their lives.

Many of these disorders are of a milder form, such as depression, which affects the mood or feelings of a person. However, depression can also affect an individual’s motivation and energy. There is also the more serious disorder known as manic depression, which affects the way a person thinks, feels, and behaves.

Depression and anxiety in couples and couple therapy can be difficult to diagnose and treat. When symptoms become severe, it can affect the way a person interacts with others. While depression is treatable, many people do not seek treatment for this mental health disorder.

Depression and anxiety in relationships can have an impact on a marriage or a relationship.

Some signs of depression or anxiety disorders in couples include changes in eating and food habits and sleeping patterns, such as insomnia. The appearance of new or increased anxiety can also be a sign. Depression can be for different reasons, but if due to some relationship-related issue, then most couples opt for couple therapy to treat their depression and anxiety.

Reason 5: Loss of Child

The loss of a child or partner is emotionally painful and devastating. The loss of a child, the grief one feels can be overwhelming. You wonder how you will ever recover from such pain. 

Your grief can go with guilt and will be a shame because of the circumstances. Many couples and families experience a lack of communication in their relationships and miss critical aspects of each other’s lives.

In such situations, most couples go for therapists to seek help as they are the experts on such issues and can help you overcome that and start a new life.


Couple therapy (also called marriage therapy) is a type of psychotherapy where a couple meets, in person, with one or more therapists.

The therapists attempt to help the couple understand the problems between the two of them and devise strategies to solve those problems. The two most common goals of couples therapy are to improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Many couples seek therapy because one or both of them believes the other is emotionally or mentally abusive. However, therapy can also address issues that have nothing to do with abuse, such as infidelity, sex differences, or parenting problems.

Now, in this article, we have discussed the major reasons couples seek a therapist. If you are a couple and facing such problems in your life, then you should seek a professional couple therapist without any fear. If you are looking for a couple of therapists, then we would recommend you to check out Marriage Therapy.

We are sure it’s going to help you a lot to give you a new spirit.