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Marriage counselling for couples. Marriage therapy provide relationship advice in a safe, confidential setting.Do you need marriage therapy?

Would you like the benefits of having a qualified marriage therapist listen to you and your partner in confidence?

Do you feel that marriage counselling could offer you some support and guidance through your current difficulties?

If this is you then marriage therapy is the solution you have been looking for. Marriage therapy will help you both to listen better, to relate more effectively and to get back the spark you once felt. Our marriage therapist  has years of experience helping people just like you to love once more.

What kind of issues can marriage therapy help with?

There are many problems that marriage therapy can help resolve. Issues such as a lack of trust, or poor communication for example are two frequent problems. Other issues such as money, power and sex would be common problems that couples use marriage therapy to help with. Many times one person has an addiction that has not been addressed properly and this is the reason that the couple needs marriage therapy.

How long does marriage counselling last?

This depends on the couple. Some couples only go to marriage therapy for one or two sessions, other couples commit to longer work where they delve more deeply into their feelings. It is good to discuss this with the marriage therapist when you have your first session.

What happens during marriage therapy?

The therapist is here to help you so he will listen to your understanding of the problem and help you both to define it together. He will then set goals with you to see what you most want to achieve from the work you do together.

Can marriage therapy cure depression?

Research has confirmed that marriage therapy is as effective as anti-depressants at helping people deal with depression. This is very good news in that we believe that the couple have many of the resources they need within themselves to resolve the factors that can cause depression.

What if I want to speak to the marriage therapist on my own?

Usually marriage therapy will naturally give you time to speak to the therapist on your own. Marriage therapy will let you discuss many of your personal issues by yourself if this is what you need to do and will only include the partner for couples work where this is required. Feel free to discuss this with your therapist.

Who is the marriage therapist that we will be working with?

David Kavanagh is the marriage therapist and he is also a registered Family Psychotherapist. David has helped hundreds of couples to have better relationships and he will do his very best to give you the support and help you both need, when you need it most.

How do we get in touch with David to make an appointment?

Simply email David at info@avalonrc.com or call on 01-498 2242 and he will arrange an appointment with you both.

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Marriage Blog

Marriage can be very fulfilling bit many people make the mistake of taking each other for granted. When this happens the rot of complacency sets in and it can be very difficult to fix it.
Do you have any ideas as to how couples can fix it?


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David has just launched
www.sexaddiction.ie consultation service that treats anyone suffering from sex addiction.